Strength of fragrance

5/5 Strong-very strong
4/5 Stronger than average
3/5 Average strength: for those who don't like strong scents

After the Rain 

Top notes: bergamot, green leaves, lemon
Heart notes: jasmine, cedar
Base notes: amber, oakmoss, petitgrain

Indulge in the elegant, woody aroma of After the Rain. It opens with beautifully refreshing notes reminiscent of wandering through spring meadows after the rain. New green leaves are beginning to open and delicate wildflowers are starting to appear. The fragrance is enriched with golden amber and oakmoss to provide added depth.

After the Rain is a fresh, clean accord. Perfect for outdoor lovers and for creating a revitalizing atmosphere at home.  Experience the beauty of nature and sense of renewal with every burn.

Strength: 4/5
Fragrance Family: Fresh/Woody 

Arabian Nights 

Top Notes: golden amber, subtle hints of raspberry
Heart notes: leather, oud
Base notes: cedarwood, patchouli

Intriguing, alluring and mysterious, Arabian Nights takes you on a journey to the heart of the Arabian Desert. Imagine a verdant oasis, majestic dunes, bedouin tents and starlit skies. Bask in the opulence of the Middle East where aromatic amber, luxurious leather and precious oud create a sensual and seductive feel. Subtle hints of raspberry provide a touch of forbidden fruit whilst richly indulgent notes are added by the woody base notes. Discover the romance of the desert with Arabian Nights.

Strength 5/5
Fragrance Family: Woody/Oriental

Dark Tahitian Vanilla 

Top notes: orris, incense and citrus blossom
Heart notes: golden amber, cedar
Base notes: vanilla bean, patchouli

A captivating and intoxicating blend of oriental mystery and timeless allure. Indulge in the exotic scent of Dark Tahitian Vanilla. Curated with a complex blend of oriental incense, alluring amber and sultry notes of vanilla and patchouli which creates a harmonious ambiance of luxury and sophistication. Refreshing notes of citrus blossom lift the fragrance and prevent it from becoming too heavy. 

Strength: 5/5
Fragrance Family: Woody/Oriental

Egyptian Cotton 

Top notes: mimosa, lily
Heart notes: neroli, jasmine
Base notes: tonka bean, amber

Indulge in the finest Egyptian cotton in the world. Enjoy the luxurious, fresh scent of sun-kissed linen blowing in the summer breeze.

Strength: 4/5
Fragrance Family: Fresh

Fig & Tuberose 

Top notes: fresh fig, green fig leaves, bergamot
Heart notes: tuberose, lily
Base notes: sandalwood, amber, cedar

Fig & Tuberose offers a luxurious escape into a world of elegance and sophistication. The warm, inviting notes of fig, reminiscent of a Mediterranean orchard, are paired perfectly with the citrus freshness of bergamot and the heady, feminine scents of tuberose and lily. Elevate your home with this beautifully aromatic fragrance today.

Strength: 4/5
Fragrance Family: Woody


Top notes: white freesia, hyacinth, narcissus, green leaves
Heart notes: gardenia, amber, lily of the valley
Base notes: patchouli, fresh woods

Fleurs is boldly vibrant, refreshing and feminine. White flowers combine with green stems and leaves to create an amazing floral explosion. This beautifully complex fragrance envelops the senses, creating a tranquil atmosphere that will leave you feeling rejuvenated and renewed.

Strength: 5/5
Fragrance Family: Floral

French Lavender

Top notes: lavender, bergamot, lemon
Heart notes: neroli, rosemary, geranium
Base notes: amber, white musk

French Lavender is the perfect way to bring a sense of calm and relaxation to your home. It offers a soothing and aromatic blend of natural lavender essential oil and other fragrant oils to create a delightful and calming fragrance. Emotionally uplifting and perfect for relaxing at any time but especially effective for burning before bed to aid a restful night's sleep.

Strength: 4/5
Fragrance Family: Fresh/Flo


Top notes: grapefruit, sweet orange
Heart notes: mandarin, gentle green florals
Base notes: musk, patchouli

Evoke a bright, fresh feeling all year round with Grapefruit. Refreshing, uplifting and yet also relaxing. The top notes of juicy grapefruit and sweet orange are combined with middle notes of mandarin and gentle green florals, creating a refreshing and invigorating fragrance. Grapefruit's tangy aroma instantly uplifts the mood and energizes the senses.

Strength: 3/5
Fragrance Family: Fresh

Orange Blossom 

Top notes: orange blossom, Sicilian lemons, petitgrain
Heart notes: neroli, wisteria
Base notes: vanilla bean, wild juniper

A refreshingly vibrant fragrance. Strong and captivating with sunny top notes of citrusy orange flowers and zesty Sicilian lemons combined with a beautifully fragrant heart of neroli and white wisteria. Woody base notes of vanilla bean and wild juniper prevent this fragrance from being too sweet and mean that it will appeal to both floral and woody fragrance lovers alike.

Strength: 5/5
Fragrance Family: Floral/Woody

Parisian Peonies 

Top notes: peonies, bergamot
Heart notes: violet, tuberose
Base notes: amber, sandalwood

Parisian Peonies is a complex blend of the beautiful floral scents of peony, tuberose, and violet. This luxurious fragrance captures the elegance and sophistication of Paris in full bloom. The pretty, delicate notes of peony blend perfectly with the warm, earthy tones of tuberose and the fresh, green aroma of violet leaves. As the candle burns, the fragrance fills the room with a beautifully calming ambiance, making it perfect for relaxation or setting a romantic atmosphere.

Strength: 4/5
Fragrance Family: Floral

Peach Bellini NEW

Top notes: Persian lime, pink grapefruit
Heart notes: champagne, peach, fresh orange
Base notes: white gardenia, pineapple leaf

Luxuriously sparkling, our Peach Bellini Signature Candle features a blend of perfectly ripe peach, champagne, tangy lime, zesty grapefruit and beautifully fragrant gardenia. Immerse yourself in a refreshingly juicy taste of summer with this scintillating summer limited edition candle. 

Strength: 4/5
Fragrance Family: Fresh/Fruity

Raindrops on Roses Lands Friday 29 June

Top notes: bergamot, lemon
Heart notes: rose otto, violet leaf
Base notes: amber, soft woods

Indulge in the elegantly luxurious fragrance of Raindrops on Roses. Inspired by walking in my garden after the rain where the roses smell incredible. Curated with the highest quality fragrance blend, this stunning scent will transport you to your happy place providing an immediate feeling of relaxation and tranquility. A fragrance for all true rose lovers.

Strength: 4/5
Fragrance Family: Floral 

Sandalwood & Amber 

Top notes: white amber, nappa leather
Heart notes: tobacco flower, white tea
Base notes: teak wood, sandalwood

Sandalwood & Amber is a unique and complex blend. The warm, woody notes of sandalwood combine with the rich, earthy aroma of amber and the aromatic fragrance of tobacco flower to create a deeply satisfying base. These notes are balanced out by the delicate, fresh scent of white tea, lending the overall experience a touch of lightness and sophistication.  Burn this wonderfully luxurious scent when you've had a stressful day and want to unwind and relax. 

Strength: 4/5
Fragrance Family: Woody


Top notes: lemon, bergamot
Heart notes: tuberose, white lily, star jasmine
Base notes: fresh ginger root, moss, African woods and grasses

Citrus notes of lemon and bergamot blend seamlessly with the delicate floral aroma of star jasmine, while the richly earthy scents of African woods and grasses infuse the atmosphere with a touch of nature's wildness. Whether you're relaxing at home or entertaining guests, this fragrance is sure to transport you to the dynamic landscape of the Serengeti. Light it up and let your senses take flight.

Strength: 5/5
Fragrance Family: Fresh


Top notes: vanilla orchid, lavender
Heart notes: heliotrope, myrrh
Base notes: amber, vanilla, tonka bean

Serenity offers a delightful blend of vanilla orchid, warm myrrh, rich tonka bean and calming lavender. This soothing combination creates a peaceful ambiance that is perfect for unwinding after a long day. Vanilla orchid offers a gentle and relaxing scent, while the myrrh and tonka bean add depth and richness to the fragrance. Lavender helps to calm the mind and release tension, making this candle ideal for creating a tranquil atmosphere in any room. Whether you're winding down before bed or enjoying some quiet time to yourself, Serenity is the perfect way to create a peaceful oasis at home.

Strength: 4/5
Fragrance Family: Woody/Floral

St Lucia

Top notes: orange, bergamot
Heart notes: lily, ozonic 
Base notes: sweet vanilla, coconut, musk

St Lucia is a luxurious and exotic fragrance that will transport you to a tropical paradise. Top notes of fresh orange and bergamot are combined with a rich blend of vanilla and coconut, creating a harmonious balance that is both comforting and energizing.  Just imagine reclining on white sandy beaches, crystal clear waters and lush rainforests, all against the backdrop of the imposing Pitons. 

Strength: 3/5
Fragrance Family: Fresh

Summer in Portofino 

Infused with the vibrant scents of neroli, bergamot, lemon, and spearmint, this stunning fragrance will transport you straight to the heart of the Italian Riviera and the luxurious world of Europe's most wealthy. It exudes a blissful sense of sophistication and exclusivity. 

Strength: 4/5
Fragrance Family: Floral/Fresh

Summer in Provence 

Transport yourself to the heart of the French countryside. A refreshing blend of lemon and tangerine and the calming fragrance of lavender, this summery fragrance will take you straight to the lush gardens and rolling hills of Southern France.  

Strength: 5/5
Fragrance Family: Floral/Fresh

Summer in Santorini 

Take a trip to the beautiful Greek island of Santorini where wild spearmint and peppermint grow abundantly in the fertile volcanic countryside. Lemon groves provide that refreshing hint of fresh lemon which makes this incredible summer fragrance so hard to resist.

Strength: 5/5
Fragrance Family: Fresh 

White Tea & Mint 

Top notes: peppermint, spearmint
Heart notes: white tea, lemon
Base notes: almond, musk

White Tea & Mint is fresh and strong. It smells just like freshly picked garden mint in a gentle infusion of white tea. Simply stunning! A fabulous fragrance for refreshing your kitchen after cooking to get rid of any lingering cooking smells. It also helps keep the bugs away while your windows are open. 

Strength: 5/5
Fragrance Family: Fresh

Wild Jasmine

Top notes: bergamot, jasmine
Heart notes: cedar, tonka bean
Base notes: amber, cocoa, patchouli

Warm notes of amber and cedar are softened by the freshness of wild jasmine and the mellowness of cocoa and tonka bean. Journey with me to the mountains of South East Asia where magnificent cedars grow to great heights. Wild jasmine grows in abundance and scents the fresh mountain air. Beautifully aromatic, Wild Jasmine instills a sense of calm and well-being. Just close your eyes, breathe in the fragrant mountain air and relax.

Strength: 4/5

Fragrance Family: Woody/Floral