I’m Anne and I’d like to tell you a little about how The Silver Candle Company began. Luxury home fragrance has always been a passion of mine but I had become increasingly concerned about the health and environmental impact of burning paraffin based candles at home.

Soy wax seemed to be a viable alternative. Searching for an alternative to the high end candles I usually bought, I was not able to buy environmentally-friendly soy candles with the classic elegance of design, packaging and choice of exquisite fragrances that I wanted. So after learning the art of candle making followed by extensive testing, The Silver Candle Company was launched. 

Let me tell you more about the benefits of soy wax. Soy wax is non-toxic whereas paraffin wax produces harmful by-products when burned or melted. This means that soy is better for the environment and your health. Soy candles typically last longer than a paraffin candle of the same size as they burn more slowly and have a cooler burning temperature. This means that as a customer you get better value for money.

The Silver Candle Company uses 100% sustainable soy wax and the finest fragrance oils to create luxurious, clean-burning candles that make your home smell amazing. All of our ingredients and supplies are sourced from highly regarded British suppliers. All our products come with complimentary gift wrap.

Customers tell us that our candles smell better than many of the high end luxury brands. Our wax and fragrances are also vegan friendly and cruelty free.