Why are soy candles better than paraffin candles?

I started making soy candles because I was concerned about the environmental and health issues associated with paraffin candles.

Though they may seem innocuous, paraffin candles are a source of air pollution and they emit chemicals that are considered as dangerous as second-hand smoke. Paraffin is a petroleum waste product and has to be deodorized and chemically bleached before it can be made in to wax.

Most scented candles are made from paraffin wax and previous studies have found that they can release highly toxic, cancer-causing chemicals that can also be harmful in people (especially children) with respiratory conditions such as asthma. 

Some candle brands also use a wick where the cotton is wrapped around another material such as metal, producing a toxic soot, which may also lead to lung problems. Many candles also contain artificial scents and dyes, which release additional chemicals when burned.

Natural wax candles that use soy are the cleanest, producing an estimated tenth of the soot normally created by a paraffin candle.