What's in a name?

Someone asked me the other day how I come up with the names for my fragrances.

Naming a new fragrance is often quite tricky. It's important for me to
give you an idea of the feel of the fragrance as well as the notes
that make up the complexity of the blend.This is even more important
when you're buying a product online.

Let's use Arabian Nights as an example. I could just call it amber,
raspberry and oud but that would not give you a sense of the romance
of the desert.

The fragrance description is also very important. I want you to get a
real feel for the personality of the scents. By giving you
'Intriguing, alluring and mysterious, Arabian Nights takes you on a
journey to the heart of the Arabian Desert. Imagine a verdant oasis,
majestic dunes, bedouin tents and starlit skies. Bask in the opulence
of the Middle East where aromatic amber, luxurious leather and
precious oud create a sensual and seductive feel', you have an
understanding of what sort of fragrance this is.

Let me know if you feel this is helpful when choosing a new fragrance.