Scent your home for spring

As the days start to get longer and spring blooms start to fill the shops, I like to change up my home fragrances from the richer, spicier scents of winter to something fresher for spring. Now’s the perfect time to choose some new fragrances to lift your home out of its winter hibernation.

The perfect spring scent is different for everyone as we all have different tastes in fragrance. Some may like refreshing notes while others prefer either greener and earthier tones or floral fragrances in full bloom. Some of my favourite fragrances for springtime which are filled with bright, clean, fresh notes are:

Bluebell - This fresh, wonderfully floral fragrance is quite simply the essence of spring

Grapefruit - Fresh and fabulous with the sense of luxuriating at an expensive spa

Peony Petals - This is an extremely smooth floral fragrance. It is exquisitely luxurious and fills the room with its heady scent

Pink Pepper & Rose - A fresh and revitalising fragrance with top notes of pink pepper, mandarin and juicy fruits leading to a heart of damask rose petals, summer geranium and lily 

Sicilian Lime - With mouth-wateringly, fresh Sicilian limes, basil and mandarin, this fragrance is both invigorating and uplifting. Fresh and young. A modern classic 

St Lucia - A stunning fragrance, fresh and soothing, and combines fresh bergamot, bright orange and rich amber with tropical notes of exotic coconut, vanilla and almond

White Rose & Lemon - An irresistible delicate, fresh, floral blend. Seductive and beautiful


Photo credit: Janne Ford