How to choose a fragrance style for your home



Before choosing your home fragrances consider what impression you would like your home to make. So if you want your home to feel warm and cosy, choose woodier scents like Fallen Angel, Wild Jasmine, Warm Amber or Mandarin & Sandalwood. If you prefer your home to be light, airy and more minimalistic then choose fresher fragrances like Grapefruit, White Rose & Lemon, Sicilian Lime, or St Lucia. If you're home is focused more on the garden then floral fragrances like Fleurs, Pink Pepper & Rose, French Lavender or Peony Petals will be excellent choices.

Many people just choose their favourites scents when choosing a home
fragrance but think carefully about product placement in your home. Choosing a smokier scent like Old Havana would not be an ideal choice for a pristine white bathroom, just as a strong floral fragrance like Bluebell would not compliment your dining room. It would be too heavily scented when eating.

You may also want to change your home fragrance with the changing seasons. In spring and summer you may want to create a fresher feel with floral or citrus scents which remind you of sunshine and fresh air. But in autumn and winter you may prefer warming scents as the temperatures drop and you want your home to feel warm and cosy. I find that many of you do this already.

If you ever need any help selecting your fragrances just ask. There's nothing I like better than helping customers find a fragrance they love which also reflects their home style.