Do you save money by burning your candle for short periods?

No! And let me explain why.

If you burn your candle for less than the recommended 3-4 hours firstly you won’t get a full melt pool where the whole surface of the candle has fully melted. This will cause your candle to tunnel (just burn down the centre of the glass), so wasting a lot of your lovely candle.

The second problem with just burning for a very short time is that you won’t get much fragrance if any at all. The fragrance of a candle develops over time as heat from the melt pool stimulates the fragrance molecules to move and diffuse. If you just have a tiny melt pool you won’t have that beautiful fragrance as not enough heat has been generated.

Please read your candle care cards to ensure you get the best from your candles. You’ll find them inside the box with all your candles.