Add candles for the perfect Christmas

When the days are grey and it's getting colder, create a warm, seasonal glow and cosy feel at home with some beautifully scented candles from The Silver Candle Company. Sweet Orange & Cinnamon, Fallen Angel, Che and Old Havana are perfect choices with their warming spices.

Evoke the spirit of Christmas and the festive season with our Christmas Collection. If you are not having a real Christmas tree, you can still have the fresh scent of fir and spruce with our Christmas Tree candle, diffuser and room mist. If you prefer a more traditional, spicy aroma then Noel is the perfect choice for you. To soothe away the stress of all the seasonal preparations, choose Silent Night for its calming and relaxing vibe. Or, if you just can't choose between our Christmas fragrances, then opt for a Christmas Votive Collection which contains one votive of each of our three Christmas fragrances.

Scented candles also make great gifts for friends and family members. From our luxury candles to our little tealight sets, we have something for everyone.


Photography by Janne Ford